Saturday, July 31, 2004

If you ever, ever, ever buy Google stock, you are a FUCKIN' IDIOT. Hey, if you want to waste your cash, Vegas is much more fun and it will probably take a longer time for you to go broke. I don't care much for gambling OR blowing my money on guaranteed dot bomb stock so I'll pass on the, ahem, opportunity for both. All this IPO is going to do is make a select few into billionaires and smaller investors on a one way voyage to East Shit's Creek.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Wal, I guess that Govahnar Ahnold here in Caleeforneeya is trying to out dick Dick (Riordan) with stupid shit to say. In an effort to win over the star struck goobs who showed up to see him at a shopping mall in Ontario (where I've been before; appropriately enough it's within spittin' distance of a truck stop) Schwarzenegger called the members of the State Assembly "wimps" and "Girlie Men" for not cowtowing to his celebrity status and refusing to pass a budget which appeases the robber baron fuckwads who put him into office using their oligarch's campaign in grassroots clothing known as the Recall Election of 2003. These are the people you've put in power, California: socially retarded pigs who speak like 7 year olds who think that they're being Joe Cool of the schoolyard using terms like "dirty, stupid girl", "girlie men" and wimps". Way to go, folks. Of course it's easy to realize that when idiots come together in a form of consensus at the ballot box this is what results. One more day without a budget (19 at this writing) and prolly more to go. What has really changed under Sacramento's dome after this sham campaign to dump Davis? Since you're simple folks who voted for the Gropenator, I'll spell it out for you...

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Dick Riordan... and I mean DICK... is a stupid, dirty old man who just. Needs. To. Go. Now...

See Dick Run. His Mouth.