Thursday, August 25, 2005

Y’know, Dubya… after 9/11, if you had, after all, poured every single available military resource into Afghanistan near the Pakistani border in one big glorious egg hunt for Bin Laden and Co., you probably could have had a shred of credibility and confidence in your leadership by now. Perhaps you could have convinced some of the present naysayers that you were at least TRYING to do the right thing. But, of course that would stray from the reality of your true allegiance to certain dubious interests.

You (with the careful guidance of your military industrial puppet masters) just HAD to bamboozle the most gullible of our desperately vengeful sunshine patriot population into thinking: somehow, turning Iraq into a playground of blood-drenched mischief and chaos is going to make us feel safer day to day.

And along comes Cindy Sheehan. Here’s a mother of a soldier killed in your silly pointless war trying to get a straight answer from you as to not only why we are still there, but also why we went into Iraq with guns blazing in the FIRST place. Admittedly, she may be a bit confused from your previous statements just like many others. After all, first it was WMDs, then it was some connection with Al-Qaeda, and now it’s some bullshit about capturing Saddam and bringing him to justice so that the Iraqi people can enjoy McDonalds and SBC DSL service just like us good ‘merrkans do right in the U.S. of A.! Of course, as time goes by, you are proving that you are not man enough to address her questions (even in front of a camera on prime time TV as a statement to all of the American people) and that doesn’t surprise me one bit. No, in typical Dubya fashion, you’ll just let someone else do the real work. In this case, that entails letting your ignorant right-wing megaphone flunkies run round like dogs to deride Cindy Sheehan by whatever sleazy put downs and otherwise juvenile and unwarranted comments are necessary to keep Halliburton’s profit margin healthy in the Iraqi desert.

And now these idiots are namedropping Jane Fonda into the mix! Like, nobody saw that coming. There doesn’t seem to be any concern from the cheerleader hawks that what Jane Fonda did has no fuckin’ comparison whatsoever to Cindy Sheehan’s campaign. If Jane Fonda had camped outside of San Clemente, stating to reporters, “I want President Nixon to explain to me why our boys are dying over in Vietnam and how long they’ll be staying there…” how much ammunition would the dove-bashers have nowadays in terms of a galvanizing scapegoat?

It’s ultimately sickening to see these pawns for Move America Backward, erm I mean Forward, all parroting the same tired sentiment about how Cindy Sheehan is going to endanger the morale of our troops. It’s ironic that I, as a staunch opponent of Dubya’s illegal holy war in Iraq, have more faith in our men and women in the armed forces than the zombies who tow the party line in the name of a cult mentality mistaken for “patriotism”. I just can’t picture these soldiers being disheartened because someone is engaging in their right to freely speak in dissent. After all, isn’t that what Dubya and Rummy and all those other assholes are telling them is the REASON that they are stationed there?

Want to preserve integrity and well-being? Instead of pulling your hair out over Cindy, try campaigning for stuff like body armor and secure vehicles and such that will keep young people with a future from returning back to us in flag-draped coffins. Then you’ll actually be showing your support for the troops and still look right-wing PC without embarrassing your fellow Dittoheads at the water cooler.