Friday, March 18, 2005

Thank God that they finally pulled the fuckin’ tube.

In this whole mess involving Terri Schiavo’s “rights” or “choices”, whose side am I on?

Actually, neither one.

For starters, it’s really none of my business what happens to her. And more, both parties to this debate strike me as a bunch of assholes. On one end, you have her parents, who will whore out to any Tom, Dick and Falwell just for the chance to prolong seeing their child in a perpetual vegetative state. Then you have the husband, who swears up and down that his wife would not have wanted to be put on feeding support, already with a fiancĂ©e and a child already birthed by the future wife waiting in the wings for wedding bells to ring as soon as the death certificate is signed. So then you wonder why Michael Schiavo doesn’t just say, “fuck it”, annuls the marriage and leaves Terri to the parents? It makes you wonder if the allegations of his waiting for a big ch-ching upon his present wife’s demise are true.

But otherwise, if I were Terri Schaivo, I’d want to be cut off the foodline simply because it would be a welcome escape from the shitheads surrounding me at present.

And should it be a surprise to anyone that Bush takes the side of the parents? After all, as long as she is still alive, he’s confident in knowing that someone out there exists who is actually more brain dead than he.