Sunday, April 04, 2010


Just love it all.

Yes, I know that concept can be difficult to grasp sometimes, but to truly love it all will provide a personal advantage if one wants to survive in this world.

Existence in its purest form is a positive and creative force and therefore, a source of inspiration and wonder. In the worst of times, to find what I like to call the “inner ambivalence” inside of oneself can be a true lifesaver. Everybody has this inside them, but few, it seems, know how to find and apply the inner ambivalence properly.

When this conflicting feeling is tapped, allowing the basic uncertainty of direction and emotion to go unhampered, the best of the human mental process will tend to overcome the worst. In other words, when there’s no hope to be found, there’s no longer anything to lose, so you might as well enjoy whatever you can.

To have this kind of attitude does not mean that you have to be satisfied and complimentary of everything you experience. Quite the opposite, actually. If you are honest with yourself re: what disgusts you and more importantly, who is responsible for said causes of disgust, then you can take note of who as well as what to avoid. This will greatly contribute to your potential to lead a stable and productive life.

So whatever you do, don’t let anyone or anything drag you down, drain you, or try to control you. Concurrently, be sure to just love it all conditionally. If this aforementioned premise does not seem clear or sensible at first, just think it out for a while. You'll figure out what I mean. If not, life is sure to teach it to you eventually.