Sunday, November 16, 2008


So, yeah, I decided that since the economy is so fucked up and whatnot, that I'd give you, dear music aficionado, a chance to receive free music. Unfortunately, you'll have to settle for my own recorded work, because I can't afford licensing fees for anybody else's music.

In reality, I have been wanting to do this for quite some time now. I used to have all of these tracks available through a site called ACIDplanet, which Sony started up a few years back to promote its recording software.

I never really liked the fact that they made visitors register and join the site just to hear the songs with cuss words and besides, if you didn't notice the opt out check box, you could have been put on Sony's mailing list. And besides, I don't even use Sony Acid software, although their Vegas video editing program is fun to play with. Anyway, Now that I have my own site, it only makes sense to bring 'em all home where they belong.

So, feel free to download to your heart's content. If you have a NON-PROFIT radio program, whether on airwave or online, or a non-profit podcast or the like, you may play any of these tracks royalty-free.

HOWEVER, you may not sell, rent, cover or otherwise use any of these recordings, or songs or lyrics or any portion thereof, for commercial purposes without the express permission of either Black Hole Media Co. and/or myself.

I will be updating these recordings from time to time. What better place to let you know when that happens, than on this blog, RIGHT? After all, a record of site updates is what weblogs were originally created for, lest we forget.

That said, go have at it. Thank you for your appreciation of my favorite hobby. Now, get to downloading, go deaf and spread the word. Click Here, Pilgrim

P.S.- If you decide to stream songs, as opposed to downloading them, make sure that your computer's audio player is set to play .m3u files.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Looks like our President-elect is wasting no time in going after our nation’s economic woes, as if that’s going to surprise anyone. He’s already met with a fairly large cadre of economic consultants to try and figure out how to address the current recession.

In an equally predictable move, Obama is proposing a “bottom up” stimulus package that would extend unemployment benefits and create job opportunities among other stuff. As usual, his initial descriptions are kinda vague but promising.

And in a just as unsurprising response, Lame Duck Executive Bush released a written statement saying,

Today, we received monthly job report numbers that reflect the difficult challenges confronting our economy. We are in the midst of a global financial crisis, and tight credit markets have made it harder for businesses to borrow the money they need to meet their payrolls, grow, and create new jobs.

The Federal government has taken aggressive and decisive measures to address this situation. It will take time for these measures to have their full impact on an economy in which many Americans are struggling. But in recent days, we have seen some encouraging signs. The market for lending between banks has loosened considerably, and the Federal Reserve’s efforts to stabilize the commercial paper market have provided businesses with an urgently needed source of financing for day-to-day operations.

In the weeks ahead, my Administration will continue working to return our economy to the path of prosperity and growth. I will continue urging Members of Congress to approve free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea, and I look forward to hosting an international financial summit with leaders of both developed and developing nations on November 15.

I understand that Americans remain deeply concerned about the challenges facing our economy, but our economy has overcome great challenges before, and we can be confident that it will do so again.

The Reader’s Digest Condensed version of this statement:

Fuck y’all. Obama’s not President yet, and I still am. I’m going to do what I’ve been doing for the past eight years and ignore working people and pander to businesses. And if that means supporting yet more measures that encourage outsourcing, imported labor and corporate tax breaks, so be it. Deal with it.

It’s actually about a great time to revive the likes of the WPA and CETA. You would think that folks like Mike Huckabee (who made “infrastructure” a buzzword of his campaign) would be stoked to be seeing a chance to create jobs to help rebuild America’s roads, bridges, schools and such. I’m sure that there’s a lot of folks who would reap tremendous rewards from the job experience and/or training, and the nation could benefit greatly from the possible improvements and restorations.

Of course, on the right side of the political street, this would involve private contracting with the special interests whose financial support help elect these pork-lovers-in-denial into office, lowest bidders be damned. That, of course, involves the usual legislative song-and-dance with earmarks and various representatives fighting over who gets how much aid and their district is more needy than anyone else’s and so on.

It’s about time that we have a President who is in touch with America’s economic realities. Even if Obama’s economic policy objectives aren’t met overnight, it’s good to see somebody in office who is trying to put the emphasis on those who need the assistance the most. Let’s hope that the days until January 20, 2009 fly by as soon as possible with as little damage inflicted by the (thankfully) outgoing Administration as possible.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The majority of our nation's voters finally got it right.

What a great year. In June I got to vote for a woman for President, and today I helped to elect the first African-American President in history. It feels like such a great time to be alive, not just living in America.

Even if just for a short time, those of the power hungry and wealth hoarding, who have been trying to choke the life out of those of us who struggle to survive just to make ends meet every day, these people have had their agenda spurned. It is time to rejoice, it is time to feel pride and hope, but more importantly, it is time to keep moving and make the change that President-elect Obama (Gol! That feels so good to type!) has been talking about all of this time happen and keep happening once and for all.

Yeah. It is a great time to be American.

Now all the youth who helped elect this man. Listen up. It's time to stop cheerleading and time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We won, now the hard part begins. It's time to make the hope accomplishment. You'd better not walk away and forget about it just because the election's over, because that would be no different than becoming apathetic and defeated like if McCain won. Let's do this. As the now legendary statement goes, the whole world is watching. Let's do this.

Oh, sure, it's kind of a bummer that the Republicans won the Sacramento mayoral contest, but on the other hand, it will be fun for this writer to use his blog to rip on "Mayor Cinderella" for four straight years (that is, unless KJ gets recalled or removed from office before then). I have a feeling that a Johnson administration will provide lots of great copy, though not much that Johnson or the stooges that were stupid enough to elect him will find flattering. In hindsight, the Sacramento Bee endorsement is beginning to make sense. They're bound to be selling lots more papers, as well as get more face time in the TV media over this guy. Snicker.