Wednesday, November 03, 2004

There’s really no other way to put it.

Fuck Rural America. AND the South.

Are you people that brain dead, or what? What impressed you the most about the Appointed Chief Executive that wanted you to help put him in the White House for four more dubious years?

Was it how masterfully he’s managed to kill over a thousand (so far) of our finest men and women in a completely time-wasting and costly war that had no reason to be started other than to show gullible idiots that he’s actually doing something to go after terrorists, and therefore, deserving of re-election?

Perhaps it’s his dogged commitment to preventing even victims of rape or incest from obtaining a safe and legal abortion? (Hmm, after considering that point, no wonder he did so well in the South.)

Or perhaps it’s the fact that his corporate buddies will reap further breaks and absolution from gradually squeezing their labor pools like a sponge, that is, the ones whose jobs aren’t exported overseas.

Oh, wait a minute; it’s the flip flopping thing, isn’t it? Well, Dubya’s supporters have a point there. He’s no flip flopper. When Bush makes a mistake, he sticks with it. When he bullshits the American people, he won’t back off the lies. While I have still failed to see the appeal here, I can certainly concede that his groupies are certainly correct in that regard.

No, I think I’ve figured out the reason that he won in these areas so handily.

Look at the map of the final results. Notice that big huge sea of red in the middle of the Continental U.S.? That’s Bush country. These are the same folks that like to give Hollywood studios big bucks for movies where there’s lots of killin’ and blood and blowin’ up things real good. They pump up the ratings for shows like "Fear Factor" where contesatants are forced to eat bugs and shit. Since the start of the Iraq war, they’ve actually found an excuse to watch the news for once. Even when the military doesn’t let the embedded Establishment Media reporters show the full carnage, people from these areas get off on the descriptions of soldier maiming and civilian beheadings. Hell, Lynndie England is probably a masturbation fantasy girl rivaling Pam Anderson in some of these states.

So it’s really not surprising that Bush did so well in these states. These folks are validated as Americans and patriots at the expense of the bloodshed of others. And in a society now weaned on reality TV, that makes perfect sense.

And now we have the pundits saying dumb shit like, “Now the Democrats will have to rethink their strategy and improve on the message and do whatever it takes blah blah blah…” Psychic moment: The Democrats will get even more “middle of the road” (read: conservative leaning) and turn off even more people from showing up at the ballot box. Including myself. It’s never been a better time to say, “Fuck it” and change my party affiliation to “Decline to State.”

As depressing as it is to see that the suckers outnumber the smart (and let’s face it, we don’t have 58 million millionaires in the USA, so SOMEBODY was bullshitting themselves when they picked the name “George W. Bush” on the ballot,) I know that I will recover with G force speed. After all, to bastardize a reputed Nixonian statement, now I DO have Georgie Bush the Lesser to kick around some more. And you bet that I plan to continue. Tenfold, mothaphuka.