Saturday, February 28, 2009


One of my favorite songs of my youth, by the now legendary Boston band Human Sexual Response, begs the question, What Does Sex Mean to Me?

My personal answer would be... definitely NOT what it means to this poor bastard.

Friday, February 13, 2009


My Irish-American Mom had a sort of peculiar phrase she'd use sometimes. If My Dad or brother or I would say something that she felt would have better been kept confidential, or one of us was behaving outrageously or speaking in a interrupting manner (and usually that was me), she had an all encompassing phrase to admonish us:

"You'd queer a funeral!"

In other words, we were speaking or behaving so foolishly, so inconsiderately, that we would have lacked enough conscience and tact to the level of being willing to disrupt a memorial service.

In the Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, an alternate definition of queer reads as follows:

²queer vt (ca. 1812) 1 : to spoil the effect or success of <queer one's plans>
2 : to put or get into an embarrassing or disadvantageous situation

On Friday the 13th of February 2009, the United States Senate was held up on a vote for an economic stimulus package which, at a vote count of 59, needed exactly one vote in order to get passed and sent to President Obama's desk. Like the previous vote in the House of Representatives, the Republicans had their panties in a bunch and united against it.

Every Congressional GOP member voted against the bill and, since they are now an endangered species in politics, they had no effect on passage of the stimulus whatsoever. Three Republican Senators crossed the aisle and voted Yes. Ted Kennedy didn't vote as he is on the DL from brain cancer and Minnesota still can't decide who the fuck they want to send to the Capitol yet.

So, Senator Sherrod Brown, (D-Illinois), who was not going to be in session that evening, even with such a crucial vote on the line, flew into Washington D.C. and dramatically cast the 60th vote, sealing the deal and sending the stimulus package to the President's desk.

I would personally consider Senator Brown's excuse for not having been there in the first place as pretty valid, and maybe even more than Senator Kennedy's reason.

You see, Senator Brown was flying in directly from the memorial service of his mother, who passed away of leukemia the previous week.

Bravo for Mr. Brown. From what I've read, Emily Brown was an activist in her own right who helped elect Mansfield, Ohio's first black mayor and had the 'Emily Brown Young Democrat Award" named in her honor. It would seem that not only would she be proud of her son, but also, if it were possible, she would have instructed him from the Great Beyond to go and vote when his country needed him.

And as for my Mom, naturally, her observation would be, "Those goddamn Republicans! They'd queer a funeral!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The most engaging and hilarious brand of comedy on the tube nowadays is this fantastic reality series on C-Span, though the name escapes me right now. "Congressional Hearings" something or other. Apparently Rachel Maddow is a big fan as well and presents this episode recap.