Sunday, January 01, 2012


It’s time for a shift in the function of the American collective conscience, and that time is now.

Small segments of the population are starting to speak out here and there re: the steady control and exploitation by the ever-shrinking members of the ruling class inflicted upon the increasingly underpowered lower class. It’s encouraging, but not nearly enough to change the attitude of the people who are negatively targeted in this situation.

The working people of America need to somehow tear down the wall of financially motivated political doctrine that is gripping the entire United States like a prison of the conscience. Public policy needs to be created and implemented in the interest of the public at large and not the select group of individuals who are making a comfortable living out of politics, nor to the benefit of the corporate commanded money-grubbing power hungry political machine.

The challenge lies in the matter of communication methods. In today’s national psyche, we are facing, from the middle class on below, a syndrome in which half of the population are too afraid for various reasons to question authority and economic disparity, and the other half whom have conditioned themselves to believe that their opinion or input would make no difference and energy and time would be better spent on the survival of the self.

No matter who is elected to office in this or any other year, the fact remains that representation is for all of the people, not just for those who have won the election with the majority vote. We, the People, need to keep a fire under our elected officials, federal, state, and local, asserting our voice and our presence.

There needs to be a paradigm shift in the way that the American people drive and influence the policies of its government. The hired guns in the form of corporate and special interest funded campaign lobbyists need to be replaced by a surge of the public voice. Democrat as well as Republican special interests have well paid and well funded influence all over the halls of Congress, and none of this activity is remotely beneficial to the stability, safety or general welfare of the majority of the American people who are not in the controlling interest.

Face reality. Most of us are not in the same rigid ideology as those on the TV network political talk shows or the campaign rallies. Most of us want pretty basic things in our lives: security, privacy, safety, opportunity, and the most politically abused condition of liberty. Some of the conditions that guarantee these things require legislative oversight and some are better off without it. With practice, and as long as sensible process and consensus override mob rule, the people in the streets can eventually figure out the logical paths much more efficiently and fairly than the pundits in front of the cameras and the cash hustlers under the Capitol dome.

It’s not a pretty picture ahead for the typical American worker if people just ignore the warning signs. The middle class will become targeted increasingly by the controlling interests to get soaked in the pocketbook. Food prices will continue to rise, everyday necessary expenses will get more expensive, and revenue will be raised for the government coffers by extorting more tax money from the have-nots while the haves get to pay less thanks to their influence and control of the government. Jobs will continue to disappear and move into other countries. The perpetrators of these exploitations against working people will undertake these actions simply because they can. If the targets of their avarice decline to protest, or just continue to buy and consume as usual, then there’s no reason for the abuses to cease.

In the coming years, as the ruling class interests become increasingly desperate and clueless in dealing with deteriorating socioeconomic conditions, an iron hand approach to controlling the general population will become a more attractive option. Now is the time for the working class to begin to become aware of this not too distant future possibility, and work out a counteractive strategy to fight any such attempt to neutralize organized proletarian unity and efforts to intercommunicate dissent against various types of authority.

Under the conditions of today, the lower income majority of Americans are experiencing a condition of taxation without representation, while paradoxically, the higher income minority gets to enjoy the outrageous privilege of representation without taxation. This situation alone, of disproportionate revenue responsibility against benefit of governmental response, can be seen as a suitable enough reason to encourage and organize working class revolution.

The few of us who have been speaking out in an effort to get the American psyche adjusted to a new path need to continue and also extend the conversation. There needs to be an eventual refinement of the communication method in order to generate a wave of dialogue as opposed to simply a one-way message attempt. Speeches can be nice but only rarely do they instigate true mass action.

At this point in time, the current populace of economically disenfranchised Americans do not even need an organized effort to change the policies in Washington DC, their state capitols, or even their local government. They just need to get into the practice of speaking out their opinions and talking amongst each other about what is wrong and what can be better.

When it comes down to it at the end, the most legible strategy is this: every one of us needs to do what we can. Whether it’s simply ideas or direct action, many people can make a difference on just about every level of American society. Working people don’t need to just sit idly by, feeling helpless and allowing the ambitious few to dictate the conditions and future of the everyday lives of the rest of us.

Resolve to the goal that if you can’t get up and do something, at least start to communicate to those in your area of the world who are closest to you. Help those close to you who need assistance as much as you can. Most people aren’t evil or stupid; most of them in this country, however, are, for lack of a better term, asleep. It’s time to sound the alarm and wake some folks up.