Thursday, July 30, 2009


So, I had missed the Joan Rivers "F-Bomb" episode of Good Day Sacramento (musta gone to work already?), but caught it on CNN tonight, with the, ahem, comedienne providing further comments on the incident. So, I nosed around on the Internet frontier for some more info, and of course, the trough for media pigs everywhere, TMZ, had a story posted right after the whole sorry spectacle aired. Out of the comments, looks like Joan Rivers took the brunt of the bruising (I got sorta bored reading "old bitch" and "old hag" so many times- please, people, invest in a good ol' fashioned thesaurus sometime, 'kay?).

But the comments on Mark S. Allen (who, naturally, triggered the Rivers meltdown) and, occasionally, the rest of the Good Day staff were at least a bit more interesting, to put it mildly.

I thought that comment 50 was intriguing.

"Mark S Allen is the sort of unchanging, incompetent juvenile delinquent that the degenerate subculture in media loves, since it allows them to greatly lower their standards and ethics and hence pay less, reduce the expectations of the audience and "dumb them down" all around. That is exactly the same subculture that put George Bush in government and put two missiles into the towers after rigging them and WTC Building 7 with the thermite. "

So, the Stinking Shadow Conspiracy is responsible for the election of Dubya, the 9/11 setup, and Mark S. Allen's career. No, haven't caught that one on Disinformation recently.

Commenter number 62, apparently, can't decide whether to hate Rivers or the show more:

For that dumb as s reporter ( the woman ) to keep repeating I didnt expect her to go there at all.. GIMME a break. Joan Rivers has a mouth to make sailors blush.. You have to always watch what you say with that old batalax(sic). She can dish it out in heaps but when someone dishes to her she gets all freaked out.. She's 100 years old what do you expect from a foul mouth old hag.

Comment number 64 (which is posted by the same username as number 50) really was the work of someone who was feeling the bile rise up the throat, and decided to come back for an encore:

The skank reporter in the middle is a stale suburban polyester politically correct bag of bleach. Everything except baby kittens offends people like that. The most appropriate thing to do for Sacramento is to BURN THAT TELEVISION STUDIO TO THE GROUND, OR, change the channel, or of course, the best option is to STOP WATCHING TELEVISION YOU MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

(Gentle word of advice: When holding down the exclamation key to emphasize how wild and crazy a ranter you are to the world, remember to take your right finger off of the "!" key first, and then let go of the shift, then that pesky lil' "1" isn't hanging at the end and you don't look even lamer than you have just demonstrated).

You can always tell who is posting from a "real city", or at least wants to be, as evidenced by poster number 306:

Rivers was on their rinky-dink little local show as a GUEST, and the awkward, effeminate nobody from the two-bit "Good Day Sacramento" program (or is that a podcast from someone's garage) thought he would take a cheap shot for some publicity. Talk about riding someone else's coattails, eh, Johnny Nobody?

His ass should be canned ASAP because you do NOT treat guests like that on a television show and then expect others to appear in the future. It would be no loss whatsoever to any celebrity or author to skip appearing on a program in a impoverished podunk town full of gang members and foreclosed homes like Sacramento.

I'm surprised that comment 393 didn't pop up earlier...

Wow, that loser from Sacramento looks like he's had even more plastic surgery than Joan! Of course he looks like he's about twenty or thirty years older than her, plus he has no real career, so I guess he's had lots more time to get it all in.

But 394? Now that was just wrong...

Maybe this guy took Joan's child molester joke about Michael Jackson personally. He sure has a really creepy vibe about him.

I just couldn't do more than skim most of these 571 points of light. But before I go rinse my eyeballs from my exposure to TMZ, I need to share something important with you.

You see, I am the cause of all of the controversy.

What happened is this: the F-bomb uttered on live TV the other day followed me here from Boston.

A detailed account is found on page 142 of From Rage To Reason, by Janet Langhart Cohen, the former host of the WCVB Channel 5 1970's morning talk show, Good Day! (uh, huhhh... yeah trippy huh?) Lauren Hutton, then a very hot supermodel, was asked about the keys to her success, and her reply was, "I fucked around". Well, at least she was a little more creative than Joan. (And by the way, this book is overall a pretty decent read.)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We have heard a lot of hoo-hah over the recent years about how Sacramento needs to become a world class destination city, like, say, New York or Boston or our nearby neighbor San Francisco.

All three of these cities tend to have something in common. They all have extensive and conveniently scheduled public transportation systems. Believe it or not, some folks who earn a living wage don't even own a vehicle in those cities, out of choice! They just use the bus or train like it's a perfectly normal thing to do, to work, and go shopping, or even go out at night to clubs and the movies and whatnot. Every day, for like, practically their entire lives! Weird, huh?

Take S.F., for example. As recently as January, I could literally step outside of my hotel at Van Ness and Geary and board a Muni bus to Ocean Beach or towards Union Square or the Ferry Building and transfer to basically wherever I wanted for one low fare. At three in the fuckin' morning if I wanted to.

On the other hand, here in Sacramento, we have a transit system which, frankly, is complete shit, and will be for what seems like decades to come. We have buses that run sparingly throughout the day, with the central artery of the system being a whopping two light rail lines. The cost to ride on Regional Transit has become increasingly jacked up, with transfers now non-existent and fares among the highest in the nation. Now the career politicians who are sitting on RT's board are considering a halt to light rail service after 9 PM.

I say, only half in jest, just shut the whole damn system down and stop embarrassing yourselves, Regional Transit. Of course I'm not serious, but guess what. I was considering a trip on the 67 bus recently to shop but at the last minute I decided to dust off the ol' Specialized and rode to a location closer to home. I may have been able to save three or four bucks total (with discounting of the extortion which passes for RT fare nowadays) had I rode the bus instead. God, it felt good to get on a bike for once. Thanks, RT!

In reality, a public transportation system shouldn't been seen as a luxury by the leaders of this city, but an investment in the future. We're only gonna get more populous eventually, and the best way to meet that inevitable part of our future is to develop a mass transit system comparable to the cities we claim to striving to emulate. I'm someone who has spent his whole life riding public transit (being taken to Grandma's in JP on the Orange Line at six months old... oh, never mind) and can tell you that, yes, the convenience of getting where you want or need to go without a hassle or waste of time makes a huge difference in the quality of city life.

In the case of Sacramento's situation, however, I'm figuring that if they manage to get Light Rail running slightly past Natomas Marketplace by 2032 (when I turn 70), it will be nothing short of a miracle. And that, my friends, is nothing short of pathetic.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


So, my site was removed from the almighty Google index. Curiously, the pages within the site are still listed but not the main page. Strangely, this happened just days after I signed up for a Google Alert on my name, which was (supposed) to send me alerts whenever something about "Michael Psycho" comes up on their search engine.

I sent an email politely asking why my main site page was removed. Here's the bullshit automated answer that I got from Google:

Subject: Re: [#476796004] Why was my site removed?

Thank you for writing to Google. If you have a question or suggestion
about our products, please visit There,
you'll find links to our Help Centers, which offer answers to our most
frequently asked questions. Due to a high volume of email, we currently
respond only to messages submitted through specific forms in these Help

The Google Team

No you don't. Stop lying, Google. You just send some generic "go check out our terms" link in response. I've read your response to the same question I'm asking on the Help Centers and that's all you do in response.

Oh well. Fuck 'em. Hey, what can I do, they're a private business. It would create a tremendous amount of publicity and discussion to just lawyer up and sue them, but I don't want my name in the paper anyway. If they restore the listing, great, but I'm not holding my breath.

Google, of course, won't go into any details as to why the site was removed.

If Google had removed it at somebody's request, I doubt it, but only because

a.) Google supposedly doesn't do that, and

b.) I don't think that anyone could be that much of a pussy.

And then again, I'd be flattered if they did, because it means that they fear me and can only do juvenile shit like that to try and discourage me, which will never happen. The only way that you will discourage me is to kill me. I'm not going away, Google listing or no Google listing, so deal with it.

The consolation in all of this is that, thanks to Google's ban, this blog is now listed first on a search for "Michael Psycho", and lately the blog is what's been pissing certain people off. So, in that respect, thanks, Google! I can't wait to not hear the bullshit reason why you shut down this blog as the next step! After all, they own and it would be too easy. If anything, I've learned a valuable lesson about what happens when a corporation gets too powerful and can, in effect, do whatever the fuck it wants without any recourse.

(Update 7/26/09: How nice of the folks in Mountain View. As of 1345 hours PST, the site is back up in the search engine listing! Either Google listened to a squeaky wheel right quick, or I really am a raving paranoid. Perhaps a little of both. If this was simply a mistake on the part of Google, I sincerely appreciate the effort to correct it. It would actually restore some faith in the integrity of people again.)

Friday, July 17, 2009


Just forthafugguvit, I put up a video for my song "War" on YouTube. Some of you may have seen the previous version on Don't worry, I re-edited it and cut out the dork with the top hat reading the piece of paper, so IMHO, it's a much more enjoyable clip.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


There is hearing, and there is listening.

People can hear, but they choose to listen.

Within reasonable confines and levels, a person within his or her own environment has a right to privacy in communication and information.

When people make extraordinary efforts to breach this boundary established by the right to privacy, an inexcusably egregious violation has occurred. This violation, when discovered, should be exemplified as the epitome of evil behavior and the violators should be prosecuted if the offense is damaging to the subject of the eavesdropping and the offenders should be denigrated to the point of absolute humiliation.

Click Here, Pilgrim

Friday, July 03, 2009


My former associate in Inducore, Schizm Murphy, has been bugging me for the past year to put a video clip from the, ahem, good old days on You Tube for about the past year or so. Every other email he's been sending me has been something like, "So? When's Inducore going up on You Tube? Huh? Huh? When?"

Okey doke, Mr. Murphy, you've finally gotten your wish. This is a clip of Inducore from 1987 or so in somebody's house in the 'burbs of Sacramento, with the legendary Joey Lucifer (RIP) behind the camera. Joey had a camera for a spell and had also taped the early version of Dead Sam Club at the time. Though Inducore was pretty much toast at this point, it was decided to tape some tunes just for posterity's sake.

So here, in gloriously off-tracked audio on badly damaged twenty two year old VHS tape, is the one and only Inducore. (Mr. Murphy claims to subscribe to my blog, so I'm not even going to email to let him know it's up.)

By the way, who was the skinny douchebag in the "Bob" Dobbs shirt? I remember seeing him back in the time, but the name escapes me...