Saturday, October 14, 2006

It was wise to choose Jack Gallagher for TV spots in the local "Yes on (Propositions) Q & R" campaign.

It was brilliant simply because:

Jack Gallagher is a veteran comedic talent, and these two ballot initiatives are a big fuckin’ joke.

Who in their right mind could possibly think that the Maloofs deserve a handout from the people of Sacramento County, mostly from those who can hardly afford the Comcast cable service necessary to watch Kings games, let alone tickets to see them play in person? Q and R just reek of elitist luxury entitlement bullshit, while the questions re: remedies to problems with crime, schools, roads and levees in our area go unanswered.

It’s a sad reflection upon our civic fiber to see that it takes a nearly unhealthy obsession with men who are paid millions to play what kids are out doing daily for free (and just for fun) to prop up some kind of faux urban improvement crusade.

The reality is that the Kings don’t do shit when it comes to defining the cultural fabric or quality of life for Sacramentans. If anything, their loading up the moving vans to Anaheim or Kansas City or Podunk or wherever could be an improvement to the general vibe around here. With a little luck, the wannabe jocks and mushbrain conservative mutahfukkas who are entertained only by relatively shallow crap like pro sports would either stay out in the sticks or leave the area entirely (in either case, good riddance and I won’t miss you.)

And don’t try to feed me this spoonful of bullshit about how we can also use the new arena for concerts and other events. The new joint is going to be intentionally designed as acoustically lame, just like the old one, with the goal of producing the loudest fan squealing to egg on the beloved local heroes and intimidate the hated rivals. Every musical act, from Andrea Bocelli to the Stones, will sound just as shitty in this proposed new dump as the current one.

Sacramento could easily become a Vienna of the West. All it takes is common sense ideas like Second Saturday and the number of park concerts springing up in the warmer months. There are plenty of entertainment options in Sacramento and more increasing daily, proportionate to our population increase over the years. Perhaps it would be in the better interests of our metropolitan psyche to keep major league sports as a good excuse to drop by the Bay Area once in a while, just like it was in the pre-Kings era.

Just make it easy for creative people to set up shop around here (and with the low cost of living and good odds of finding the so called “day job”, that can be a reality,) and all of the no-life lackeys who need a bouncy bally going back and forth to keep amused can, oh I dunno, get off their fat ol’ spectating asses and get involved in some positive healthy pastimes of their own.