Sunday, January 05, 2014


Hi there, fellow netizens and related shivering denizens. Sorry I have been somewhat invisible on this blog thing lately, but it's been ultimately for what I feel have been somewhat positive reasons and not because I have been, like, dead, or some shit.

I have been in the process of adjusting the type of stuff that provides the employment which actually pays my rent and bills. I have somewhat successfully set up a busy (and currently low paying) but potentially rewarding balance between college classes and a job in the civil service sector in which the workin' totally BFFs down with the schoolin'. Not only have I managed to find a path to tread away from corporate whoredom, but in addition, I am in a good place for adjusting from one IT field to another in which I won't have to deal with so many assholes, and if I do on occasion, it won't be as personally attached and I can actually leave all that shit at the door when I clock out.

That said, I would like to let the general readership out there know that, for all intents and purposes, I am doing just fine nowadays. I am going to concentrate on the work thing, the school thing, and in between try to cook up some musical and other creative thingamabobs that I am normally obsessed with when I am not working or dealing with school. I might be blogging some more in the next year or so, but don't be surprised if I am MIA 'round these here parts for the next dozen or so moons, at the very least.

Out until quarter of  sometime. Have a nice life in the meantime.