Sunday, April 07, 2013


No, I don't have children, never wanted them, and never will. Of course, aging past the half century mark has lowered the odds of that ever happening, although many other guys much older than myself have shot their sperm into a younger more fertile reproductive tract just to replicate.

Perhaps being forced by life to “grow up” too fast and too soon had something to do with this, but the fact is that I just can't stand children. When a bunch of screaming, running brats are anywhere near me, I can't help but think that even a pack of barking playing puppies are far less annoying and not even nearly as potentially dangerous. Get some little snots in a relatively unsupervised environment and someone's property or even person is guaranteed to get damaged one way or the other.

Among other things that annoy the living hell out of me about human nature is how those people who have chosen to spawn offspring are under some sort of belief that they are entitled to a higher position of privilege in society than those of us who have chosen not to do so. These idiot breeders are somehow self-absorbed in the belief that their offspring is divinely destined to the inherit sole control of the universe.

There has been a completely unproven premise presented by some folks that if the population rate turned negative, there would be a shortage of the caretakers and innovators of the future. I would present the opposite opinion. Education as well as subsequent career fulfillment would actually be far less competitive, and therefore we would have educated professionals who are truly choosing their fields and not just settling for them.

Downsizing the human race would be the smartest and most logical way to save the planet. The only truly dangerous and destructive threat to Earth's well being seems to be humanity itself. Its extinction would most probably be of utmost benefit to the ecosystem, save for all of the shit it has already created and would leave behind.