Saturday, May 01, 2010


As a descendant of one of the alleged participants in the actual Boston Tea Party that happened way on back in 1773, I find that whenever I’m taking in news accounts of the modern day pseudo-brownshirt rallies which are trying to borrow upon the name of the original historic event, I can feel the bile rise up in my guts from the aggravation of being forced to witness the sodomizing of the memory and symbolism of one of our nation’s most fabled acts of direct protest action.

I refuse to go along with referring to these ignorant republidupes and their Nuremburg rallies-cum-Sunday picnics as a “Tea Party Movement”. It was at one time amusing to call them by their original self-styled nickname of “teabaggers” since just about everything that they believe is truly nuts in the head, but that joke got dull after a while. Nowadays, I like to call it the TP movement because “TP” is a popular slang term for toilet paper, and most of the people involved in these rallies are assholes.

I also refuse to give any serious comparison between the historic activities of the original Sons of Liberty and this modern day traveling hate speech festival that was initiated and spurned on by a handful of opportunistically frustrated, miserable, insecure and attention starved Caucasian right wingers who, in an earlier age, would quite probably be opening and emptying sugar containers over the heads of black youths attempting to get served at a segregated lunch counter. Truly, on Breed’s Hill back in 1775, these limp dicks would have been the Redcoats angrily bayoneting my ancestor’s corpse into complete lack of recognition and then tossing him into a pauper’s grave solely for purposes of humiliation.

However, this is a different age, and today these same closet fascists make mind-bogglingly lame attempts to patronize civil rights accomplishments of the past, as well as the notable people responsible for said accomplishments, in order to somehow provide some shred of rationale that said past struggles mirror their own current campaign to force America to give in to their self-centered demands. Said demands seem to be mostly concerning less government and the complete repeal of all regulation, for the sole purpose of encouraging rampant uncontrollable capitalism. This selfish me-first platform is considered within the collective mind of the TP movement’s leadership to be equal in significance to the Freedom Marchers and Gandhi’s hunger strikes. To realistically attempt to describe the TP movement as having any sort of ideological parallel to civil rights activism would be like describing Hitler as having been compassionate.

Ah, but listen to the well-paid mouthpieces for this allegedly leaderless and grassroots movement as they try to present an image as a phenomenon organized by and supported by the working people. Goll-ee, it must be true, since a consulting firm named Russo, Marsh, and Associates made $857,122 in 2009 simply by trying to convince people that the TP movement was a proletarian wet dream!

The true working people of this nation, those of us who represent a diverse populace of many racial, spiritual and cultural demographics, need to be sure to dismiss, discredit and undermine this pathetic TP movement, and most importantly, we must be sure to unceasingly proclaim the fact that this wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing of an evil, questionably funded experiment in corporate mass manipulation does not represent American ideals, the interest of the nation’s working people, or anything which would protect and maintain the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of those Americans who not only keep the country in motion, but live its finest ideals as well. Those of us who realize that we are all in this nation together will persevere and outlast this band of dimwit schoolyard bullies of the political arena, just as we always have.

Our backlash does not have to involve organized rallies, or even online social networking. We just need to do it the old fashioned way, and open up the dialogue during the course of our everyday lives. Let them gather and scream and rant and wave their ignorantly constructed signs and freshly-store-bought Gadsden flags in their little pointless rallies as much as they want. Americans like us, from all corners and walks of life will work it out in the end, and time and the will of the people will eventually wear out the TP movement of today, just like it has done for insidious greedy self-centered hatemongers time after time again. That’s one of the many beautiful things about this country and living in it: i.e., more often than not, common sense tends to win the battle sooner or later.