Saturday, October 20, 2007


Yeah yeah, I know that, compared to California, Florida is more or less a fascist state. (Isn’t that where 2 Live Crew got busted for obscenity back in the time?)

However, an Orlando Sentinel story, courtesy of a Romenesko link, would seem to put at least a few shivers down the spine of the folks at our local Sacramento News&Review. Seems that the Orlando Weekly’s ad staff is getting the one time for pimpin’ hoes. The arrests were directly connected to the same type of escort / massage ads that the SN&R runs in its print edition every week. Page after moola raking page. (And while I’m on the subject, hey Snerr- thanks for giving Joey Garcia and her advice column the respect it deserves and putting a plug for it on your cover so that we don’t have to weed through all those stupid porn and strip club ads just to read her. But I digress.)

The questions sure do arise from this bust. Will Sac PD feel emboldened enough to attempt a sting operation of their own? Would Mr. vonKaenel tell Chief Braziel to “go pound sand”? Inquiring minds want to know.

The story of the Orlando Weekly bust- Click here, Pilgrim

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Back in the days following the JFK assassination, Phil Ochs penned a touching tribute to John F. Kennedy entitled "That Was The President." The chorus from that song can be twisted easily to describe the video below as "This is the President, and this is the man."

Three thoughts come to mind when I view this unfortunate trainwreck of a (pay for hire?) wedding video:

1. Only in America could this fucker get elected to ANY political office, much less as a Chief Executive.

2. This video is evidence that I have a longer streak of sobriety than Dubya. So, bud, you haven't been drinking since you were 40, eh? Hmm, let's check the calendar. Interestingly enough, I drank my last beer on March 5, 1992. You were born in '46, correct? That makes you, lessee, forty fuckin' SIX or so (about a couple years older than I am now) in this video. Pretty fuzzy math you're using there Georgie.

3. We have a dry drunk in the White House. Explains a LOT.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dear nice taggers:

Thanks for the considerate behavior. Apparently, when you were wandering about the other night, the only thing you chose to tag within the immediate vicinity of my neighborhood was this here abandoned couch. As far as I can tell, you left our homes and buildings alone. That’s like so cool of yers! If there’s something that needs to be removed from the street anyway, and you feel the urge to tag it, by all means go for it! Who could object to such a civilized brand of selective vandalism? If I’m pissed off at anybody in this scene, it’s the asshole or assholes who decided to use my local curb to dump their fuckin’ loveseat! But hey, you may have actually helped things by making the disposed furniture in question an even bigger eyesore, embarrassing the City or whoever to finally haul it away.

So anyway, if I was, like your tagger crew supervisor I’d probably hand you like, one of those lil’ cardboard happy smiley stars with your name on it and scribble in a side comment of “Way to go! Great effort!” or some shit like that. Hopefully, you’re not just warming up the ol’ paint cans for this weekend to really unleash your, erm, creative juices on my ‘hood. The week before last was enough, when those little suburban wiggers were encouraged by their asshole conservative parents to come down from Placer or Elk Grove or wherever the fuck they’re from to spray paint the shit out of our local blocks. I wouldn’t have been surprised if Mummy and Daddy dropped ‘em off in their SUVs at 3 in the morning and picked them up for Denny’s Grand Slams afterwards right after taking pictures for the family photo album. Please keep your little shits out of Midtown, or at least stop watching your TIVOd copies of Hannity & Colmes and try to keep an eye on your brats once in a while. Thanks.