Friday, April 29, 2005

New-clur plants. As many as we can build. That’s what Dubya has presented as one of his imaginative and bright ideas in resolving the nation’s energy needs and soaring fuel costs.

Apparently, his aversion to paying attention to the various forms of news media goes back to the days of Chernobyl, or even Three Mile Island. But hey, like he says, we can solve our obstacles with modd-in teck-nol-oh-gee and I think that what he really means by that is: we can build them plants bigger, stronger, faster than ever before! Golly! How inspiring!

Of course, it would be easier to swallow that sugarcoated Bullshit Pill if it weren’t for stuff like recent findings that our country’s own Nuclear Regulatory Commission which has discovered that Hemyc, brand name for a material used to insulate electrical cables in reactors, is unsafe and prone to being a potential fire hazard. And who makes this shit? Well, what a coincidence! It just happens to be a company based in Houston, Texas!

So hey! The HELL with all that safety issue crap, right? Let’s just start getting those nuke plants up and going ASAP! And, whaddya know, I have taken the time and trouble to find a PRIME location for the first one we put up! It’s in a central locale where, hey, the bigger we make it, the more new-clur power we can spread across the whole US of A! And we might even get to sell some to them Mexicans under NAFTA and make a few bucks, too! Ever trying to be as helpful as possible, I have provided a link below to the map area of where I think this plant would receive perfect and almost unanimous support!

Click here to view map of my proposed nuclear plant site

Click here for an article on the Hemyc problem

Monday, April 18, 2005

NOSTALGIA TIME! Installment 1

(Note: Considering that there's been a lot of talk lately about the FCC cracking down on "indecency" and "obscenity", especially after Janet Jackson's Boobiegate incident and all that, I've decided that, rather than repeating myself, I'd post this rant from a long-extinct site I had up several years ago. So here it is, where somehow, comments made in 1997 have newfound relevance in 2005. Go figure.- MP)

Ruminations and Accusations

CHAPTER 1.This Censorship Shit is Really Fucked Up!

WHEN IN THE COURSE OF HUMAN EVENTS, it becomes annoying when fuckheads who somehow get elected to public office start trying to tell people like me that mere words, usually being vulgar references to sexual acts, excrement, and male and female genitalia used in many creative alternate ways, are obscene and threatening to the well-being of our children, but that, say, for example, Freddie Krueger or Michael Myers disemboweling and dismembering people on movie screens or the Starr Report or ignoring the dangers of the use of methyl bromide in heavily populated areas does not, one can only conclude that these aforementioned lawmakers have their heads firmly and permanently lodged in their sphincters.

I'll cut to the chase. The reason so many of these parents nowadays are pushing for "decency" measures in all walks of media life isn't because there's this sudden proliferation of nasty material everywhere. That level of "adult" information and entertainment and whatnot is about the same level of obscenity as 10, even 20 years ago, actually. The real reason that these parents are campaigning so hard for censorship and control is that...


Yup, ever since the beast Ronald 666 ascended to the throne back in '80, we've been bombarded with these right-wing diatribes about how we need to bring "traditional family values" back into governmental policy and American lifestyle in general, and things like unmarried people humpy-dumpin' each other and gays getting married and some 12-year old girl who got raped by her brother choosing to have an abortion are unacceptable abominations which must be stopped immediately at all costs.

But on the ass-end of this deal, the same fools who propagate this mentality want to have their cake and eat it too. Why? Because they also want to retain their over mortgaged homes and bloated expensive late model vehicles and over-usury-dependent lifestyles, that in all practical terms, they KNEW that they had a snowball's chance in Hell of affording in any realistic view. And HOW do they perceive to pull this off? By throwing their kids into fuckin' day care centers until they're old enough to become "latchkey kids", whilst both parental units work their asses off 24-7 to prove to the world that they can be good parents and provide all the necessary GOODS and SERVICES for their family. And on top of that, be able to drag the whole family to service every Sunday!

However, in order to maintain this lifestyle, they have to cut back on certain traditional mainstays- such as time with their kids! Oh, sure, once in a while there's a ballgame or a school play to attend or a trip to the zoo or the miniature golf course, but that takes a back seat to the fact that you need to prove to the world that you're not one of these leeching welfare ingrates sucking off the tax dollars, never mind that the multi-national that you worked for got enough tax breaks to pay NOTHING on the millions they profited for the past few years or so! NO, you've got an image as a good wholesome family head to uphold, and gosh darn it, the world may not owe you a living, but it certainly owes you free babysitting! Now, where, I repeat, where the fuck does this mixed up confused logic come from?

My bottom line is this... I did not encourage you to join genitalia with the opposite sex, combine DNA info, and reproduce. That was YOUR choice. I chose NOT to do so. I am NOT your male nanny, and my behavior on MY personal web pages is, quite frankly, NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BEESWAX.

I know as well as the next folk that there are some very sick motherfuckers in this world out to get kids for their own perverted use. I despise the actions of these pedophilic miscreants as much as any card carrying Christian Coalition groupie. But blocking information en masse, ignoring the real methods and means, not only will do nothing to protect kids, it will simply ignore the objectives they're attempting to address. The best way to protect your children is the same on the Internet or on TV as on the streets: INFORMATION. Information on what is right for viewing and who is right to associate with. Give them information on what to do if a stranger tries to communicate with you, whether in the chat room or on the street. Hey, even good old fashioned GUILT. If the parents aren't there, the kid's been taught about right and wrong well enough so that Mom and Dad's eyes are drillin' through their heads if they know that they could be using poor judgment!

And besides, do you really think pornography causes teen sex and pregnancy anyway? What REALLY causes it is horny teenage kids of opposite genders getting together and being STUPID and UNTHINKING! I mean, to quote the average '90s teen, "Well, DUH!"

In closing, I would like to say, in regards to criticism that my Website material is inappropriate for your younger children, let me give you a quote which my dear old Dad said when I was just a teenager my own self: "Well, if you don't like it here, then get the fuck out of my house!"

Monday, April 11, 2005

What? The major recording companies are being investigated for possible shady dealings with radio stations in getting their shitty music played?

Well, DUH.

Like, gee, you never could have seen THAT one coming.

Big Fat Clue: turn on any corporate-owned radio station in any American market today, and you will hear songs by artists on the air because some slimy schmuck indirectly greased all the right palms of the station management.

Ooooh, no, some folks will say, that’s illegal. Record companies can’t pay off stations in cash, goods or anything of that sort.

Wrong, me pilgrims. That’s exactly in the area where recording labels have all of these convenient stooges doing all of that shitwork. They’re known collectively under the dubious moniker of “independent promoters.” A more appropriate term would be “kickback facilitators.” Basically, the promoters get paid fairly big bucks by the labels to promote their chosen limited crop of no-substance losers, and the promo people in turn pay the stations an annual “retainer” to be their, um, sagely advice on what records to put on the respective stations’ playlists. This has become the standard for just about every type of format. Rock, R&B, Rap, Country, you name it. Even oldies stations aren’t free of this shit. For many of those, some dork is probably their “certified golden oldies” promoter (read; providing a list of songs that, e.g., Time-Life is presently regurgitating on infomercials for overpriced CD collections.)

Yes, that type of business in which the music biz participates in every day is basically fucked up. Yes, it does stagnate the variety of music offered by commercial stations. No, it probably won’t change or even slightly improve anytime soon. Although it is nice to see an investigation by the New York Attorney General’s office being carried out, I’m not going to hold my breath.

Here's the latest story about the alleged (not so) New Payola

Monday, April 04, 2005

The pope’s still on a slope as I’m writing this, so it may seem a wee bit premature to some folks, but somebody’s gotta say it.

Now’s the prime time to elect an African pope.

What the Hell, in serious consideration, perhaps having a figurehead of that level from Africa would finally draw some serious international attention, media and otherwise, to the AIDS menace still decimating the continent.

But who the fuck am I kidding. They’re just going to elect another Italian, and shit’s going to be the same as it ever was from the time before John Paul II was elected. This should thrill Dubya and his cronies to no end, since the papacy will slide on back over to the right again; not that it was all that liberal beforehand.

I can understand the charismatic quality that made Karol Wojtyla, the man, so admired by millions. Having survived Nazi occupation and its accompanying atrocities; standing up to the commies in Poland; and that seemingly superhuman resilience that survived getting run over, and later shot, then later disease. But as Pope John Paul II, I saw nothing in the guy but a capitalist stooge who kept the Catholic party line of homophobia, misogyny and sexual intolerance intact. So fuck him.