Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sometimes irony takes on a life of itself. Sometimes it wraps itself completely into people and their fates.

One of those music sites that basically let artists post their own glowing PR blurbs (I’m guilty of the same charges, so I’m not copping out) had this to say about a new band, started by the brothers from Pantera, called Damageplan:

"So, I ask you... how can you go wrong with four badass motherfuckers like Damageplan? The name says it all...Devastation is truly on the way."


I’d hate to say it, but I saw this happening a long time ago. Not specifically to these guys: I didn’t really care about Pantera either way (there are a lot of worse metal bands out there) and haven’t heard much of Damageplan. But I’d figure that, considering today’s mixture of stupidity and arrogance in our present human landscape, I could just as easily have been playing open mike at the True Love or somewhere and had some idiot jump up, yell something about me breaking up Industrial Hate and fill the air with bullets. Which would truly be sad since everybody knows that Satan broke that band up.

But all kidding aside, regardless of how much you hate somebody and/or their music, nobody should be getting shot just because they want to go out and see some live music. So kids, before you think that you’re going to make your fifteen minutes by blowing away your chosen artisan target, please just leave the guns at home. Or better yet leave yourself with them at home. Or even better, instead of a weapon, invest in an instrument or a PC or something and show us what you’ve got to say.