Sunday, May 06, 2012


Too many members of the American working class piss me off with their attitude.

They think that just because they have a flimsy tract house in the suburbs, are up to their necks in debt, and have jobs where they probably have to wash the bosses’ poop off of their mouths and noses every (really late) night after work, that somehow they are in the same league as the owners of their very short and tight leashes.

These drones are convinced that they will someday be in the top tier, running their own businesses, owning their own McMansion in an exclusive zip code, and receiving awards from the local Chamber of Commerce. They are utterly clueless to the fact that advancement in Corporate America is, more or less, a predestined and fixed game. If you are not a friend, relative, relative of friend or friend of relative to these pukes pulling the corporate puppet strings, then you will be kept in the same old position of subordinate servitude for possibly years on end. There is a slim chance that you will be noticed and considered for promotion to middle management if you are an asshole, but only if it is toward your fellow workers and not your bosses.

You will be dragged through their dumb ass company meetings, leadership and motivational programs, and functions where the employees are “voluntarily” enslaved to work in public on behalf of the company’s pet charity in order to provide good PR to the local community. In the end, you will not only fail to achieve any level of advancement in the company, but when the time comes to cut the fat from the quarterly budget, you will be shown the door, hopefully with a few weeks of severance pay to show for it. With a little luck, you will end up at yet another corporation, kneepads on at the ready to ride in the vicious circle yet again.

Keep pretending to manage those pipe dreams, suckers.