Friday, February 25, 2005

I’m sick and tired of these assholes in the Establishment Media going off on this tangent of “Well, uh, the Democrats are on an aggressive campaign to oppose the President’s plan to reform Social Security, but aren’t offering any alternatives.”

Well, I’ve voted Democrat for my entire life (and admittedly, voting with fingers pinching nose on more than one occasion,) and I have an alternative:

Wanna hear it?


Here’s my alternative to Dubya’s plan to “save” Social Security:

Don’t fuck with it.

There. How’s that? Now you have an alternative.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The funds are going to run out in 2042 (according to Dubya’s bean counters’ forecast, and we all know how accurate and honest THIS administration can be.) I’ll be 80 years old by then. And like, the whole country is going to sit idly by and say, “Gee. You mean all this money that I’ve had deducted from my paycheck is gone, and I’ll never see any of it in any shape or form? Oh, huh, aight, I’m cool with that.” Yeahrite. Things are fucked up enough as it is today; can you even imagine what the social climate will be like by 2042? Want to see an armed revolt the likes of which the world has never seen before? Get up in front of the American public and tell them THAT.

And how the fuck is private investment of our Social Security payments an attractive alternative? Uh, yuh, if you’re a Wall Street investor you’re chompin’ at the bit right now. But any fool knows that the stock market works in cycles, and if this investment scheme were implemented, say, within five to ten years, most of these Gen Xers would be shit out of luck after one or two downturns and I’d bet the farm that they would have LESS then if they simply were deducted from their pay as it stands right now.

Or better yet, how’s this for an option? When we pay Uncle Sam every year in Federal income taxes, we can choose whether, oh, at least ten percent or so of our tax payments go to our choice of: defense (where a monster chunk of it goes anyway,) or to augment the Social Security fund! Let’s see how many true patriots we have around us THEN.