Thursday, December 03, 2009


Y’know, folks, like the rest of you out there, I tend to have my cycles of good times and bad times. Additionally, as far as my own personal life is concerned, I lead a somewhat lonely existence. I just can’t seem to give up and follow the crowd, and see no sense in unthinkingly slogging along from morning to night and feigning some sort of smug satisfaction out of a day-to-day existence, which, upon genuine evaluation, amounts to nothing more than a banal interaction with pointless hedonism and mindless entertainment.

I get ostracized by a considerable number of the populace for refusing to play along with all of this jive. Sure, it brings me down and makes me feel unfairly isolated sometimes.

But whenever that happens, all I need to do is remember that the reason things can be so miserable in my life is due to the fact that Satan is pissed off at me because I refuse to suck his dick, and suddenly, I feel perfectly okay, and realize that I’m on the side of what’s truly good.

And I am aware that most of you out there do swallow his load quite frequently, and even let him buttfuck you real hard with no grease from time to time. But nope, not me. Hell, I wouldn’t even let him buy me a drink. I simply do not swing that way. Alternately, I know that not everyone is falling for the shit. Like me, some people are not impressed with this world of cheesy materialism and fake friendships. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that we of the truly righteous stuff tend to be pretty spread out across the globe from each other.

For those of you who can see where I’m coming from and feel the same anguish and disconnection that I do on an ongoing basis, I just want to say a few things. Firstly, that I love you all very much, and secondly, to keep up the ways of critical thinking and kicking the conformist mentality to the curb. And lastly, I hope that as many of us as possible can meet and recognize each other in the near future and give this world the attitude adjustment it so desperately needs.

Hope to see you soon.