Sunday, August 07, 2011


"It's the people's business -- the election is in their hands. If they turn their backs to the fire and get scorched in the rear, they'll find they've got to sit on the blisters."
- U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, 1864

Face reality. If you are not holding assets in the neighborhood of a billion dollars or more, the special interest whores inside the Beltway do. Not. Give. A fuck. About you. Your future chances of receiving anything resembling today’s Medicare, as well as your Social Security, is rapidly becoming set with odds of close to infinity-to-one. Be thankful, Pilgrim! Your noble sacrifice is helping to keep the Department of Defense solvent through the worst of economic times! Well, maybe not the veterans’ benefits. Those painful (and mediocre) defense budget cuts that need to be worked out as part of the latest debt ceiling deal will have to be taken SOMEwhere.

The already laughable phrase “job killing taxes”, at this point in our history and economic condition, is about as sensible as saying “teeth staining toothpaste”. The overwhelming majority of American businesses, especially the larger corporations, are not engaging in job growth now, and they are not going to do so in the foreseeable future, or probably well beyond that time. The game plan is clearly to continue to send jobs overseas on the cheap and explore technological innovations in order to do the same amount of work with less actual American workers in the building. Anybody left in the nation’s labor force still able to find work will be expected to be the taxpaying fund of the government, and they are not going to get jack shit in return for that revenue.

Ultimately, our elected officials will just let things run along as business as usual. Today's politicians, most not even close to a progressive ideology, are too weak-spined to truly take on the various corporate interests that are skating along in today’s economy with nary a cent of their profits going into the national revenue. For some reason, the job title and prestige accompanying it, or something or other, precludes most politicians from putting their so-called public service career on the line and representing the interests of working people, the poor, children and the elderly. Those rare few whom are truly walking the talk of progressive policy and do have the luxury of the backup of their local constituencies receive no support from their fellow representatives when they actually try to create legislative change, because their elected peers are too timid to confront the local loudmouths at home, regardless of whether said loudmouths represent the true will of the citizen majority, let alone the truth of any particular matter.

If the right wing of the political spectrum gains an advantage in the White House in 2012, let alone the houses of Congress, 2013 could turn out to be a year when anarchy in our society becomes a fact of life. There will be blood on the streets.

Personally I don’t condone such a violent possibility, but that’s what I see on the radar at this point. No one will have a monopoly on the bloodshed. It will be anarchists on the far left directly rioting in the cities and extremist domestic terror cells on the right plotting out one fucked up operation or another in the suburbs and rural regions.

The ruling class, holed up in nice secure gated communities and well-guarded mansions and the like, won’t care. If anything, such a situation would be exploited to clamp down on the lower income classes and their respective neighborhoods, and encourage the funding and resuscitation of such dubious government projects as COINTELPRO and a massive steroidal pumping up of the USA PATRIOT Act.

It might be a good time, now more than ever to take all of this newfangled technological innovation in communication and try to effectively spread the message that it’s not about anything close to lower-class entitlement abuse that’s sending the nation’s economy down the toilet. It’s the interests and cliques at the top of the nation’s capitalist caste system treating the remaining majority, from the middle class on down, like a toilet and trying to shit on each and every one of us for the collective gain of the richest one percent that is beating the working people of the United States down into increasing impotence in terms of overall political influence.

Get out on the streets, start talking about the world around you, and complain if you want to, because at this point, we’ve earned the privilege to do just that. Please leave the guns and bombs behind. If you want to really fuck up the program, it’s called non- violent resistance. Learn all about what that means, start organizing, and make it a reality soon. No bullet or explosive will match the damage of a national people's show of force to the targets that deserve to get hurt. Sooner or later, folks out in the working world need to figure out that the controlling hierarchy is leaving the majority of the American populace not only unnecessarily divided over various pointless dogmas, but also over and over again luring in the electorate to get used and abused, tasted and wasted, time after time.