Sunday, July 01, 2012


Too many people nowadays live in their own little silo worlds where they assume that they can say or do anything and get away with it, no matter how completely full of shit they are. This kind of behavior is driving the national psyche, but inspires me to seek and speak the truth, at all times, under all circumstances, no matter how difficult it may seem sometimes to do so.

In a worst case scenario, staying silent is an alternative to a situation where an honest opinion is neither constructive nor quite necessary. A lot of the polluting effect of misrepresentation comes from promises that simply can’t be kept. It is important to remember that avoidance of avowing commitments that can’t be met is equal to speaking the truth.

I have discovered that dedication to an honest outlook on life has given me the advantage over practically everyone else who chooses to buy in to the fake option. It is ridiculous to think that simply telling the truth is a revolutionary and even rebellious act, but nonetheless, it’s the sad state of affairs that we face in today’s society.