Sunday, October 07, 2012


Let us be intolerant of the violent fringe element of organized religion. For centuries, various paths of belief, for certain individuals, have been just a good excuse to kill each other. Of course, the vast majority of the clerics, practitioners and followers of the world’s creeds are not violent and abhor the extremist element of their own faiths. Unfortunately, no one religion is innocent; all have had some level of historic infamy at one time or another.

There should be an island out on an atoll somewhere where religious fanatics of all faiths can get isolated and feel free to kill each other without any bystanders getting affected. We can name it Dogma Island. Let me help. How about someplace at the edge of Antarctica as a home for these fools? It doesn’t matter if it’s a little cold down there. They’re going to off each other soon enough anyway. Just take ‘em to the final location CIA Black Site style, and airdrop down enough food, short-range weaponry and ammo, etc. to last a while and help them do the job right. 

In reality, of course, I jest. Those of us who value tolerance and living in shared respect of each others’ personal beliefs need to stay patient in our mutual acceptance of our right to exist in peace. Just for once, though, it would be nice to see those who attempt (and unfortunately sometimes succeed) at fanning the flames of mob destruction and murder to be taken out of their sheltered environment and thrust into the middle of the chaos that they instigate. Let’s see how brave and resolved they are, with their hateful rhetoric, at that point and place.