Sunday, December 02, 2012


Ultimately, it's just another cycle.

End of the world. Yeah, whatever.

The Maya simply devised a calendar. Nothing more, nothing less. When a calendar ends, a new calendar begins. I would consider it to be not only optimistic but simply commonsense to assume that the Maya had no interest in predicting the end of anyone's world, much less the one that the Maya had been living in at the time. Perhaps the Maya just figured that they'd be around today to devise the new calendar in time to start anew, but, you know, Spanish conquest and forced subjugation attempts and shit.

The intelligent and practical will see this time as an era of renewal. It's s great time to take stock in your future. After all, preparation for the future is, in reality, the only thing that has meaning to life. There are people out there who like to keep yammering on about living in “the now”, but usually the ones who walk their talk the most are no longer in any good shape, if even alive at all, in “the now”. Their best moments, as well as their fixated thoughts, end up merely existing in the past. This is never healthy or worthwhile thinking.

Time in its ultimate existence is infinite. Sure, when our mortal coil is up against time, it can feel frustrating in that one can sense that goals of personal accomplishment look unpromising in terms of actual achievement. But it can be beneficial to see this situation as simply one more challenge of life, or better yet, just another discipline like that required of physical exercise or intellectual growth. In any case, getting obsessed with when the world is going to end is simply a waste of time and thought. A will indicative of survival, and not death, is what the essence of life is made of.