Sunday, October 06, 2013


I finally did it. It was a decision that I had wanted to follow through upon for so many years, but then one day the opportunity arose, and it finally happened.

I officially became an independently registered voter.

I have always been, for no actual reason, registered in the party of my father. My mom didn’t bother to ever vote for her entire life for some inexplicable reason. It’s not that I had any strong disagreements with the party of my ancestors… well, let’s revisit that last opinion. I had plenty of strong disagreement on more than one occasion. I have determined over time that “this party” was worth joining because I had learned to despise “that party” so much, and “this party” was the only thing stopping “that party” from completely fucking up the country.

Then I, in not quite so bold of a revelation, admitted to myself that it simply didn’t make any difference. The major players of both of these monopolizing parties are going to serve toxic special interests on one level or another. And in addition, the smaller so-called "third" parties don't have anything special to pull me into registering with them, so the wise route for me at this point is to simply stay independent.

Ah, the feeling of independent thought.

There's a few owned, scared, dogmatic slaves to conformity out there who should try it sometime.

Perhaps we'd have some actual positive change for once.

Yeah, I know, that's asking too much.