Sunday, August 04, 2013


Sometimes, people need to endure considerable hardship for what they believe in. On relatively rare occasions, this most certainly involves a risk of death.

Economic terrorism at the hands of controlling class has been a standard for too many centuries to count. The subtle, and in frequent cases, blatant methodology in forcing conformity among workers by industrial despots has been proven largely effective in environments where there is little to no resistance or solidarity against the despotism.

At times in history, the death has been quite quick and violent, such as the numerous labor riots and insurrections which had often resulted in murder of the proletariat protestor at the hands of the authoritarian oppressor. Other times, the death is prolonged, with hunger strikes or life imprisonment or remote banishment. There is a sick pathological need for many in the realm of power and control to force suffering upon the less fortunate when the opportunity arises.

I see it this way. If I have to die rather than give in to these oppressors then so be it. If I get by, with or without the level of comfort I could have otherwise, that's just fine as well, but in no way am I going to submit to a submissive life of voluntary puppetry at the hands and strings of this evil force. And suicide is a quick and easy copout, which would only make certain parties with power and control very happy. Suicide is simply not an option for me. 

I have realized that, within the essence of my own existence, that I would rather be dead than living in a lie. It may not be the key to happiness, but it sure is liberating, and that's a victory beyond value.