Thursday, June 23, 2016


Hi there. Nice of you to drop by. Please allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Michael Psycho. I have been using the name Michael Psycho since 1981. I founded an organization called Black Hole Media Co. in 1984. My various exploits, in music, video, performance art, etc. have been fairly public and noticed to some small degree for over three decades now, both as Michael Psycho and from Black Hole Media Co.  For years, before there was any of this here newfangled interweb doohickey, what limited (read: underground) print and video media exposure I had seemed to be enough evidence to place my name(s) out there as unique and respected as any other original names. Only a sleazebag would be lame enough to try to take the names on as their own.

Unfortunately, the Internet blew up and provided a breeding ground for a lot of inconsiderate and desperate-for-attention assholes. Most of these mooks couldn't come up with an original thought, even if someone had a .44 Mag on their privates ready to blow them off if the fools didn't think of anything.

Over recent times, I have seemingly become a magnet for these types of creeps. "Black Hole Media" is all over the map for copycats, which is a semantic impossibility since "black hole" and "media" tend not to ever have normal semantic relations... except in the case of my organization because I had a definition of the term when I started to use the term. Not a single one of these poseurs could give any meaning to the term "black hole media" because they never had one to begin with.

"Michael Psycho" is another term co-opted all to shit in various forms. I can almost see the tendency to copy that one by accident as it does have a phonetic beauty all its own, no doubt about it.

But here lies similar premise: not only am I the original person of this name, but I have published and released recorded works for years using this name (and by the way, under the name of Black Hole Media Co.).

I have, however, been intrigued by some of the activity which these pathetic losers are engaging in. Seriously, at least it's a learning experience. For instance, I have learned that there are stupid assholes out there who are under the impression that, if something isn't famous, it's okay to steal from it. Somehow, each of these brokedicks think that they will be the ones that will achieve fame and fortune as "Michael Psycho" or "Black Hole Media". Sometimes it's just fools who are temporarily using a social media handle or posting a comment or something of that nature.

Apparently, none of these drones ever learned how to use Google, let alone the Internet Archive, and if they did then that makes them even bigger assholes and their motives even more selfish and evil.

Let me go over a couple of things.

The name Black Hole Media Co. derives from my longtime philosophical principle of Black Hole Media. I will eventually be publishing detailed writings online and elsewhere, but minor writings are available at the BHMC Blog. It's a philosophy with the goal of usurping the Establishment Media's grip on the psyche of the civilized world. It's not a bunch of fatass Cheeto sucking couch surfing no-lifes with nothing better to do than release lame ass podcasts about what they streamed on Netflix yesterday.

I have my own meaning for the last name "Psycho" as well. Although the term has been corrupted since the 1930s, I hold the unwavering opinion that Alfred Hitchcock completely fucked up the public image of an otherwise beautiful root term. For example, "psychopomp" is an ancient term used to describe the spiritual guide of a living person's soul. Even a "psychopath" is not specifically a dangerous person, but actually someone who is not remorseful or ashamed of antisocial behavior.

Unfortunately, most if not all other people who use the term "Psycho" seem to like it because it implies that they are crazy and dangerous and murderous, which, if they truly were, chances are they would not be competent enough to maintain a website or social media presence anyway. (On a side note, I believe that those geeks over at Electronic Arts may owe me some back royalties.)

Anyway, the point of this whole rant is to put my points across. I am Michael Psycho, always was and always will be. My organization is Black Hole Media Co., always was and always will be. Wicked, selfish, unoriginal people can put up web pages and hijack as many social media names as their hearts' desire.

There's only one important thing to remember here if you are among those people. It's not me who should worry about you, it's you who should worry about me. You inconsiderate suckers out there may have an occasional Pyrrhic victory on the online battlefield, but I am going to win the historic war. I will be remembered as Michael Psycho of Black Hole Media Co. and my art and philosophy will be there for the ages. You will be that dork who couldn't come up with an original idea if it fell on your fuckin' head in the shape of a 16 ton weight. People will laugh at you and your stupidity if they even notice you at all.

I have lived on the streets, and I have also worked my way to a 6 digit bank account and owned a Mercedes. I have been jobless, and I have walked off of a secure job without notice just because my values and purpose in life outweighed working for assholes in an organization I didn't support just to get a paycheck. I have suffered and fought for my art and the very essence of my existence for over half a century on this rock in space.

Thus, I have names and ideas that I have and will put my life on the line for, to defend and exonerate. My names and ideas are what I work for, stand for and live for; I could be flat broke on the street and they will still be my prized possessions. You are just some dweeb who can't think for yourself and needed a cool name. I don't care how big, bad or organized you think that you are, or even if you actually are. I will outlast you and probably outlive you. 

There's still hope. There's still time. If you need help, let me know. We'll figure out an original name for you together. My hourly consultation fees are quite reasonable for someone as talented as myself.